Holy SpiritAn Adventure Into the Miraculous: Part 1

Follow along as we bring our 3 part series - Pastor Bright

Holy Spirit: An Adventure Into the Miraculous: Part 2

Follow along as we being our 3 part series - Pastor Bright

Holy Spirit: An Adventure Into the Miraculous: Part 3

Follow along as we being our 3 part series  - Pastor Bright


Special Guest: TBA

Join us Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 4:00PM for our special guest Speaker Pastor John. He will be taking the stage to preach on the meaning of Patience. If there is one thing in this world we could all use a little more of it would be Patience. Make sure to secure your seat today!


The Impact of the Holy Spirit on the Human Body

Follow along as we being our 2 part series -

Pastor Chris  

The Reality of the Holy Spirit 

Follow along as we bring our this series -

Dr. Oyedepo

Night of Extravagant Worship

Night of Hosting His Presence - Minister Nadine


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